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Xero Hits The Big-Time In The US

Kiwi company Xero has announced an exciting new partnership with a major United States bank, Capital One, which is one of the top 10 in the US for deposits.

3 November 2021

Xero is the cloud accounting software company started by Hawke’s Bay-based entrepreneur Rod Drury.

The new partnership means that small businesses in the US will be able to connect their Capital One financial data with their Xero cloud-accounting solution through a fully digital process.

The software helps small business owners manage daily bank reconciliation activities and understand cash flow in real time, says Xero.

Xero Americas president Keri Gohman says: “We are thrilled to partner with Capital One, a bank focused on driving innovation using machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation to simplify the financial lives of their small business customers.

“The evolution of the financial web opens up a raft of opportunities for Xero. The growth of our ecosystem, combined with integrations with more than 110 financial institutions, means Xero can provide a greater range of tools and services for small business owners and their advisers.”

Xero recently announced it now has one million subscribers in more than 180 countries.

The new Xero Business section starts in the Winter issue of JUNO, on sale on May 29.

First published 11 May, 2017

By Brenda Ward

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