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Will ChatGPT and AI Help You and Your Money Mindset?

Lynda Moore takes a close look at how all the new tech can change your approach to finance.

26 September 2023

In a world dominated by ever-advancing technology, the financial landscape is experiencing a profound transformation. At the heart of this revolution lies Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is not only reshaping industries but the very fabric of our personal financial management.

The AI-Driven Money Mindset Shift

Our relationship with money has always been complex. Emotions, habits and past experiences heavily influence our financial decisions. With AI’s growing influence, we are now entering an era where technology aids us in just about every aspect of our lives. But can it help evolve our money mindset too? Here are a few ways I see ChatGPT and other AI tools helping us make better financial decisions.

1. Automated Financial Planning

Robo-Advisers: Robo-advisers are changing the way we invest. By analysing countless financial variables, they provide personalised investment strategies. This reduces the emotional influence on investment decisions and enhances diversification.

Budgeting Applications: AI-powered apps are now capable of tracking spending patterns and providing personalised insights and recommendations. These tools help you set more realistic budgets, make it easier to stick to them, and promotes a more responsible money mindset. At Money Mentalist, we call them Money Plans.

2. Enhanced Decision-making

Predictive Analysis: Through predictive algorithms, AI can forecast market trends, giving you a better understanding of potential investment outcomes. This empowers individuals to make more calculated and confident decisions.

Risk Management Tools: AI provides accurate risk assessment by analysing vast amounts of data. It highlights potential threats or vulnerabilities in your financial strategy, allowing for timely adjustments.

3. Credit Health Insights

Credit Score Management: AI-driven platforms are making credit score management more accessible and actionable. By monitoring your credit report, these platforms offer suggestions on improving credit health, ultimately leading to better financial well-being.

Practical Tips to Leverage AI for Financial Growth

  • If you're new to investing or wish to minimise emotional bias, consider using robo-advisers for a data-driven approach.
  • Explore AI-powered budgeting apps that align with your financial goals and needs.
  • Follow AI-driven platforms or subscribe to financial AI tools that provide insights, news and analysis tailored to your investment profile.
  • Knowledge is power. Understanding how AI works in the financial sector can significantly benefit your financial planning and investment strategies.

The digital age has ushered in countless technological innovations, and AI stands at the forefront, influencing various aspects of our lives. Its applications in finance are vast and ever-expanding, changing our money mindset for the better.

However, no matter the knowledge we get given, we still make silly decisions with money. Having these tools in our world is helpful and makes decision-making fast, yet if we don’t understand our values and driving forces behind our money-making decisions, we can teach the AI that spending $500 on a pair of shoes is totally normal and a great thing to do! Therefore, embrace these tools with the knowledge of your money personality first and always speak to a coach if you need more help.

The first step is to know your money personality. You can take the test here: https://money-mentalist.involv...

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