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The Power of Good Communication

The Power of Good Communication

Successful leaders lead teams that communicate effectively and recognise the importance of developing those skills, writes Miroslav Petrovic.

25 May 2023

Want to know what Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey have in common other than being wealthy and famous? They are both extraordinary communicators.

Successful leaders have teams that communicate effectively. They continue to invest in not only their team’s development but also their own. This produces cohesiveness with all members of the team (even the ones in accounts).

I have seen time and time again skilled employees being too afraid to authentically communicate their desires or boundaries, which can lead to resentment and conflict, or even worse – good employees leaving because they are not able to express themselves well.

The way we communicate in this world is constructed at a very early age. Our habits are programmed into our subconscious by watching those around us. Some of us were made to stay quiet, and often decisions were made for us and our opinions were ignored. This limits our expression later in life.

Our body can contract and our posture can become contorted due to the tension we hold in our body. The more awareness we bring to this restriction, and if we have the courage to speak the truth that sits in our heart, the more our body begins to open and expand.

Steps to better communication

It doesn’t matter if you are pitching an idea to your team, trying to win a new client or sorting out the best way to approach conflict, the steps to prepare yourself for effective communication are the same. Here are some suggestions to practise in your next meeting:

  • Before entering any room allow time to breathe more deeply. Feel your breath going down into your lower belly. As you breathe let your body become heavier. Slow the breath down and let there be a pause between the inhale and exhale.
  • Focus on your posture; notice your shoulders, neck and head position. Allow yourself to acknowledge where you’re holding tension in the body, then allow your body to move how it wants to. Resist the urge to force your body into ideas of “confident” postures. This often just adds more tension. It is better to release the tension than to use a band-aid approach.
  • When entering a room be sure to acquaint yourself with the space. Allow your body to feel safe before engaging in eye contact with others. You want to feel like the attendees are being invited into your living room.
  • Prepare yourself with some bullet points of the things you want to articulate, but be flexible and follow what is most alive for the audience. Watch whether they are engaging or disengaging and adjust accordingly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to gauge the interest of your audience.

The biggest mistake people make is to have an agenda and talk at people, rather than realising that any time we speak it’s about creating an authentic relationship. How people feel about their connection with you is just as important as the content you’re sharing.

Miroslav Petrovic is the founder of the Enlivened Speaking Institute and author of Give Them Goosebumps: Utilise The Power of Presence To Own The Stage of Communication. Find out more about his mentoring or sign up at your workplace to host one of his Evolving Communication events during his tour of New Zealand and Australia in March 2023.

For more info visit www.miroslavp.com

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