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Hatch: Your Access To The World

Hatch: Your Access To The World

Advertorial by Hatch

28 October 2021

Hatch is a newly launched investment platform that lets Kiwis buy full and fractional shares in the brands you believe in. Hatch gives you easy and affordable access to over 2,700 companies and 450+ exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed on the US share markets.

More than $2.5 million has been invested through Hatch since the platform launched in late September. And that number is growing fast.

The world at your fingertips

GM of Hatch, Kristen Lunman, says it’s not just the vast number of US listed companies that makes Hatch different. New Zealanders now have the whole world at their fingertips.

“Not everyone has the time needed to invest wisely in individual companies, which is why we offer an ETF for every strategy. You can invest in more than 450 index, industry, and style-based ETFs from well-known asset managers like BlackRock and Vanguard, diversifying your portfolio at the touch of a screen.”

Hatch is also the first of its kind to bring fractional shares to New Zealand, letting investors buy portions of companies they might not normally be able to afford.

Take Amazon, with a share price that sits around US$1,700, it can now be part of any New Zealanders’ diversified portfolio. You can now own a percentage of an Amazon share and still benefit from any success.

You’re in good hands

Hatch is the digital investment platform for Kiwi Wealth, a sister company to Kiwibank; 100 per cent Kiwi owned and 100 per cent committed to making Kiwis better off.

The revolutionary platform is the result of several months of customer interviews where Kiwi investors like you asked again and again for access to overseas share markets. Well, Hatch listened and investors love it. Here’s the proof:

  • “I am loving the fact it’s a very very very very very, did I mention VERY cost effective way to trade foreign stocks on NZ, my alternative used to cost me a fortune, hence I never bought too many foreign stocks. I will now!”
  • “You won't believe how long I've been waiting for a platform like this!”
  • “Great concept, much needed in the NZ investing space.“
  • “You really have a terrific offering, which is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Well done!”

If you’re keen to learn as you go to be able to make better investment decisions, this is the platform you’ve been waiting for. Hatch provides you with the information, opportunity, and access. It puts the world at your fingertips.

There is also no minimum startup amount, meaning this platform makes investing accessible to all Kiwis.

Investments are just the start. Hatch has bigger plans to change the financial landscape in New Zealand, opening up a realm of new possibilities for investors looking to engage with their financial future. This is just the beginning. It’s time to start investing on your own terms.

Intrigued? Join the revolution. It starts with you at www.hatchinvest.nz

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First published 4 December 2018

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