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Eloping: The Cheap Wedding Solution?

Eloping: The Cheap Wedding Solution?

When you’re planning your wedding, there are times when it all gets too much.

28 October 2021

Don’t say it hasn’t crossed your mind to just elope and save yourself thousands of dollars and lots of drama.

There are easy ways you can.

Runaway weddings

Billed as a ‘runaway wedding’ the elopements offered by Skinny Love Weddings skip the big guest list, the palaver, and the banquet.

Elopements consist of just three parts: an intimate ceremony, a celebration toast and a photograph portrait session.

Just bring the rings, a marriage licence and Skinny Love does the rest: the celebrant, photographer, cake, witnesses, venue, bouquet and buttonhole, music, bubbly and nibbles. It costs from NZ$3,899 to set up your elopement with Skinny Love Weddings. This service is available in Auckland only.

But if you live elsewhere in New Zealand, you can get a basic elopement from NZ$1,497 from Eloping Weddings, which arranges basic elopements all across the country.

If you want to take it up a notch, Eloping Weddings also offers a Queenstown heli-wedding from NZ$2,290. You get all the help you need with your marriage licence if you’re from overseas but want a New Zealand-registered marriage.

A third company, Hitched in Paradise, offers “wildly romantic elopements” in alpine or lake environments, and can include accommodation and hair and makeup. The price is on request.

Photo by Natalie Morgan Photography & Skinny Love Weddings

Ruffled feathers?

Not every family will be thrilled that you’ve chosen to elope.

Vivre Lokes of Skinny Love Weddings says: “We're really pro couples being able to get married in whatever way they want and try to stay away from bowing to pressure from family and friends.

“But if you’re worried about how friends and family might feel missing out, add videography so they can still enjoy it later.

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First published 24 September, 2018

Story by Brenda Ward

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