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The Rental Bureau: When tenants are happy, everyone wins

The Rental Bureau is a small agency that punches above its weight, winning a prestigious property management award.

9 March 2022

www.therentalbureau.co.nzA business that started in its founder’s garage has just become the REINZ’s Best Property Management Company of the Year (Small Office).

Owner Victoria Heyes says the winning principles of The Rental Bureau in Titirangi were based on her own experiences renting.

“I thought tenants deserved better than they were currently getting, and that most property owners wanted that too.

“When I started in early 2015, I had zero clients, but a firm belief that I had something new to offer.”

She’s passionate about her vision to overcome the “us versus them” philosophy that she says seems entrenched in the industry.

“I simply thought that there was a better way for everyone,” she says.

“Tenants deserve good service, and owners want to know that good service is being given – but it felt that something was being lost in translation.”

Heyes says the flexibility of being her own boss has been appealing, because she’s also raising two young children.

“I work long hours and the journey has been anything but smooth sailing, having to be available day and night for my customers and clients.”

She recalls the stress of signing up her
first client.

“After five miserable viewings on rainy days, I had failed to get a tenant, and the client decided to take their business elsewhere.

“I cried. I nearly quit then and there then – but I didn’t. I learned from the experience that rainy days do not show properties at their best, and I made a vow to keep learning from every single stumble.”

As her client base grew, Heyes built a loyal team of five and moved to an office space in 2019.

She credits her ‘amazing’ team with The Rental Bureau’s recent success.

“Our fully qualified team excels in outstanding property management, uses the most up-to-date technology, and most of all, works together as a close-knit team to provide first-class customer service to our tenants and property owners.”

Heyes’s original belief shows strongly through the bureau’s work.

“The truth is that unhappy tenants are the worst thing for a property owner’s business, so we make sure that all our clients understand that prioritising looking after tenants is actually the best way to look after their business, too.”

“Our tenants are our customers, and our goal is to give them great customer service.”

For more information, go to www.therentalbureau.co.nz. Or call the agency on 09 887 7420.

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