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The $2 Million Question: What Would You Do With It All?

The $2 Million Question: What Would You Do With It All?

Imagine waking up to a $2 million windfall in your bank account with no strings attached. Money Mentalist Lynda Moore explores the options.

20 March 2024

Being caught up in the thrill of a good novel is one of the joys of the summer break. Recently, I delved into Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman, a gripping tale that captivated me from page one.

Without revealing too much, the story revolves around a newlywed couple stumbling on a bag brimming with money and diamonds during their honeymoon. Their subsequent decisions alter the course of their lives indefinitely.

This story piqued my interest and got me thinking: imagine waking up to a $2 million windfall in your bank account without strings attached. What would you do? This question stirred lively discussions within a Facebook group I'm a part of. Responses varied from paying off mortgages, embarking on world trips with loved ones, and securing children's education funds to philanthropic endeavours. Admirable choices, indeed.

Yet, amid the altruistic sentiments, none proposed secrecy or self-indulgence - a testament, perhaps, to the group’s values. But could you resist such temptations?

Newfound freedom

Should millions materialise in your account tomorrow, might you contemplate alternative life paths, maybe leaving your current relationship or career? The allure of newfound freedom, reminiscent of Scrooge McDuck’s wealth-filled fantasies, is undeniable.

While not everyone will encounter a multimillion-dollar windfall, lottery winners and unexpected heirs often grapple with similar dilemmas.

If you are single, the decision-making of what to do is entirely up to you. You can invest how you want to and indulge in your bucket list guilt-free.

Conflicting desires

However, for those in relationships, it’s more complex. Whose money is it? How should it be spent? Do you pay off the mortgage or take a year off to travel the world? Conflicting desires may strain even the most loving partnerships.

If you are in a relationship where you are struggling to stay together, you might be very tempted to keep it separate. In other words, be guarded and hang on to it.

Whether you are single, or in a relationship, my advice is to pause and do nothing for a while. Allow the initial euphoria to subside, this gives you time to let your rational brain engage. Explore all the options, from sensible, fanciful dreams, to mutual aspirations. Prioritise and plan methodically.

Remember, treating yourself isn't indulgent - it's essential. Embrace the windfall graciously, recognising its potential to enrich lives beyond measure. And if navigating financial matters proves daunting, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance.

The journey towards financial empowerment begins with a single step ... a step you can take.

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