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How To Date Without Spending Heaps

Do you feel like you’re wasting heaps of money on dating? We’ve got some tips to help you reduce your dating spend.

28 October 2021

1. Ditch the food

One dinner at a nice restaurant plus a few drinks is the quickest way to blow your dating budget. If you’re a regular dater, one good tip is to ditch the food. Meet for a drink or a coffee instead. You’ll be amazed how much you can save.

Eat before you head out, or order something small if you get hungry. Dating doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy if you’re with good company.

BYO restaurants can save you money on alcohol, and often their meals are heaps cheaper too. Avoid spending up large on a first date.

2. Stick to one drink

It might be tempting to have more to ease your nerves. But drinks in city bars can add up if you’re having a big night out together. Wine could be $12 a glass.

Plan to meet for one drink initially, to see what your date is like. Or meet during happy hour. Save your money for when you know they’re worth it!

3. Drive, or pick a place close by

Parking in town or catching Ubers if you don’t live close can really add up. Before you know it, you could have spent $25 on this before the date has even started!

If you’re driving, can you park somewhere off-peak? Can you meet somewhere close to you? Think about logistics.

4. There are lots of cheap activities

If you’re someone who enjoys doing activities on a date, look around for cheap options in your area. Check community forums and council websites for fun, free things for you.

Walking on the beach is free, so is visiting a market or a community museum. Then there are lots of low-cost activities, for example mini-golf, cheap movie nights, or a picnic in the park.

5. Reduce your beauty costs

I know you want to feel a million dollars when you head out on a date, but if you’re doing it regularly, this can really add up. You might not need to get your nails and hair done before every date. Make a plan – you might agree that if you reach a third date, you’ll get your hair done for it.

First published October 2018

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