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Heartland Bank Announced as a Preferred Finance Provider for Tesla

Heartland Bank is excited to announce that it is now one of Tesla’s preferred finance providers in New Zealand, offering an online finance solution to help more Kiwis drive electric vehicles (EVs).

3 March 2024

Heartland Bank’s General Manager, Consumer, Darryl Harnett said Heartland Bank is pleased to be partnering with Tesla, a leading-edge brand in the electric vehicle industry. “Heartland Bank has a strong synergy with Tesla, with its emphasis on innovative technology, digitalisation and sustainability – all of which align to our strategic focus as a New Zealand bank.”

Heartland Bank’s simple online finance application, accessible from the Tesla website, can provide Tesla’s consumer customers a decision on their vehicle loan application in minutes. Through Heartland Bank’s platform, Kiwi businesses also have simple and affordable access to EVs to improve their own sustainability footprint.

To further enhance the convenience for customers, Heartland Bank provides a user-friendly mobile app that allows borrowers to manage their loan repayments easily, anytime and anywhere.

“We understand that New Zealanders are looking for simplicity when applying for and managing their finance. We are continuously enhancing our Motor Finance digital capabilities to enable faster and easier access to vehicle finance through online application platforms,” said Darryl.

According to Drive Electric’s 2023 State of the Nation report, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of car ownership in the OECD, and transport, which makes up 37% of a typical household’s carbon footprint in New Zealand, is responsible for 39% of New Zealand’s CO2 emissions.

“As one of Tesla’s two preferred finance providers in New Zealand, we’re proud to support Tesla drivers in their transition to sustainable transportation, with a simple online EV finance solution at a competitive rate.”

Heartland Bank’s vehicle finance offering is available now for Tesla consumer and business customers throughout New Zealand, at a fixed rate of 8.90% p.a. Heartland Bank Limited’s responsible lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply, including an establishment fee of $249 and a PPSR fee of $7.39. Interest rates are subject to change.

For a limited time until the end of March, Heartland Bank is waiving the establishment and PPSR fees.


About Heartland Bank

Heartland Bank Limited (Heartland Bank) is a 100% New Zealand operated and managed bank with a long history stretching back to Ashburton in 1875.

Heartland Bank is niche bank focused on offering specialist banking products for the business, rural and household sector. It provides customers with savings and deposit products, online home loans, reverse mortgages, business loans, car loans and rural loans. It is New Zealand's leading provider of reverse mortgages and has been awarded Canstar’s Bank of Year Savings for five consecutive years (2018-2022), and more recently recognised as a winner of the Canstar Outstanding Value Home Lender Award in its Residential Home Lender category.

Heartland Bank is committed to delivering financial solutions through speed and simplicity, particularly through digital platforms which reduce the cost of onboarding and make it easier for customers to open accounts or apply for funds when needed.

Heartland Bank’s parent company, Heartland Group Holdings Limited (Heartland Group) is a financial services group with operations in Australia and New Zealand. Heartland Group is listed on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges (NZX/ASX: HGH).

More about Heartland Bank: heartland.co.nz

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