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Are You A Financial Grinch?

In case it isn’t already obvious, the fact that you even clicked on an article about whether you’re a financial grinch probably means you ARE one… but hey, we’re not here to judge.

1 November 2021

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Christmas is known by most as a happy time of the year, but for others it can be known (and hated) for the long lines at the supermarket, parties with people you don’t care about and presents you can’t afford.

If you found yourself nodding in agreement to the latter, then we’re sorry to say but you are most definitely leaning towards being a financial grinch.

Read the signs below to tell if you’re a financial grinch:

  1. You’re already contemplating doing “hand-made gifts” this year (FYI: no one wants a handmade gift unless they’re your nana).
  2. You refuse to buy and wear a Christmas jumper to the annual Christmas movie marathon night that your friends have planned.
  3. You seriously consider not going to parties that aren’t BYOB.
  4. The only Christmas movie you actually enjoy is in fact The Grinch!
  5. You think people who buy Christmas presents for their pets are ridiculous.
  6. When someone asks if you want to take a drive to see some Christmas lights, you decline the offer. Why would you waste fuel on that?
  7. You’re always looking for ways to cheekily save money at Christmas like filling up expensive wine bottles with cheap wine.
  8. You use left-over birthday wrapping paper to save money on buying Christmas-themed wrapping paper.

By Stephanie Munro

First published 5 December 2017

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